How digital media technology can be used for personal entertainment and convenience


the different ways to use our phones each day are the internet we use the internet every day but now we use it when we are out and about. we have loads of Different things to do or use on our phones. we have such things as cameras, voice recorders, calendars, notes, reminders all of our contacts, compass, maps, stocks and we can also check the weather. There are lots of good and useful apps too. Facebook, twitter and gmail to keep in touch with all of our friends. We have apps such as itube to download all of our favourite songs. If we didn’t know what song was playing shazam will take that song and give us the name of the song. we can use just eat to order food and hail0 app to order taxis. We can also download tons of games to keep us occupied if we were waiting on a bus or our friends. i use my phone all day everyday it really keeps me entertained. i can watch films online. without having my iPhone i would be lost i wouldn’t know what was going on in the world .


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